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Quick Die Changing: A Critical Factor for competitiveness.

The press industry is a vital sector within the manufacturing industry, with applications ranging from automotive production to consumer electronics. An essential aspect of maintaining competitiveness and productivity in this sector is efficient tool change. Fast and safe tool change helps reduce downtime, increase production efficiency, and ensure product quality, which in turn leads to better financial results and higher customer satisfaction.

AGAB MOBILE M20 for Die weights upto 20 tonnes

The Importance of Quick Die Change


  • Reduced Downtime  One of the biggest challenges in the press industry is minimizing downtime. Every minute that machines are idle means lost production and increased costs. Fast die change, often referred to as SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die), can drastically reduce the time it takes to change dies, from hours to minutes, resulting in increased availability and production capacity.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability  Today's market demands a high degree of flexibility. The ability to quickly switch between different production runs is crucial to meet varying customer needs and short product life cycles. By implementing SMED systems, companies can easily adapt to changing requirements and produce smaller batches with high efficiency

  • Cost Savings  Efficient die change not only reduces downtime but also labor costs. Deploying bespoke die change systems can reduce the need for manual handling, minimizing the risk of errors and die damage, and reducing the need for skilled labor for these tasks.

AGAB's response to the industry's challanges is a range of different SMED systems, from mobile BE carts to fast and automated clamping. Click on the link to learn more how these systems can be deployed to enhance your competitiveness.

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