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AGAB Delivers Used Travers to T&T Pålsson Sweden

DEMAG traverse is dismantled for transport

AGAB, a leader in the manufacture and sale of industrial equipment, has delivered a used traverse to T&T Pålsson Sweden.

This delivery is not only an indication of AGAB's ability to provide high-quality used equipment, but it also underlines the company's focus on sustainability. By choosing to reuse equipment instead of recycling it, both AGAB and T&T Pålsson Sweden contribute to reducing waste and environmental impact while achieving cost savings.

"We see this as a win for both our customers and for the environment. By reusing equipment, we not only reduce costs for our customers, but we also reduce our joint environmental impact by avoiding unnecessary production and waste management.", Anders Gleerup, CEO, AGAB

We also thank Jinerts, who once again ensured a professionally completed disassembly and a safe transport to the customer.



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