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AGAB delivers coil truck capable of handling 20 ton coils, to Swedish metal forming giant!

In a groundbreaking move, AGAB, has delivered a coil truck to a leading Swedish metal forming powerhouse. This advanced machinery is designed to handle massive 20-ton coils, marking a significant shift in efficiency and capability.

The arrival of this modern equipment signals a major change in the metal forming landscape, providing the Swedish industry leader with the unique ability to effortlessly manage heavy coils.

By easily handling heavy coils, the customer stands to gain numerous benefits. From reducing downtime related to coil handling to optimizing resource usage, every aspect of their operations is set to improve. Moreover, this newfound flexibility positions them as leaders in innovation, solidifying their position as an industry frontrunner.

As this cutting-edge technology reshapes metal forming, the advantages for the customer are clear – a future marked by seamless handling of heavy coils, driving them towards unparalleled success and efficiency.



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