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AGAB and WM Press are at the forefront of sustainability initiatives in Helsingborg

The solar plant on the joint property of AGAB and WM Press has an output of 240 kW

AGAB Pressautomation AB and WM Press AB connect their solar plant to the grid. This investment represents one of the largest private sustainability initiatives in Helsingborg and demonstrates the companies' commitment to reducing their environmental impact and promoting renewable energy.

AGAB Pressautomation AB, a world-leading supplier of tool changing systems for manufacturing companies, and WM Press AB, a contract manufacturer in metalworking and forming, have received the green light to connect their joint solar plant to the grid. This solar plant, with an installed capacity of 240 kW, represents one of the largest private sustainability initiatives in Helsingborg.

AGAB Pressautomation and WM Press have long been committed to reducing their environmental impact and promoting sustainability in their operations. By investing in solar energy, companies demonstrate their commitment to reducing their carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy.

One of the groundbreaking measures made possible by the solar plant is the in-house production of nitrogen gas for laser cutting. This production is to be shifted to weekends, which will not only increase the plant's capacity but also reduce the need for gas transportation.

To further reduce their environmental impact, the companies also plan to replace their existing vehicle fleet with electric vehicles and allow employees to charge their cars with locally produced electricity.

Thomas Pakruhn, Marketing Manager at WM Press: “We are proud to be part of this groundbreaking sustainability initiative. By investing in solar energy and other environmentally friendly technologies, we demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and creating a more sustainable future for future generations.”

Anders Gleerup, CEO of AGAB Pressautomation: "Our solar plant is an important step in our ambition to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We hope that our initiative can motivate other companies in the region to follow our example and we look forward to continuing to research and implement innovative solutions to reduce our climate impact and promote sustainability in our industry."

Anders Gleerup, CEO AGAB and Thomas Pakruhn, Marketing Manager WM Press in front of a fully automatic pressing system and a tool changer.

For further information and enquiries please contact:

[Thomas Pakruhn, Marketing Manager, WM Press AB]

[Anders Gleerup, CEO, AGAB Pressautomation AB]

About AGAB Pressautomation AB:

AGAB Pressautomation AB is a leading supplier of tool changing systems for manufacturing companies. With a strong focus on innovation and quality, AGAB Pressautomation offers tailor-made solutions to optimize production processes and maximize efficiency.

About WM Press AB:

WM Press AB is a contract manufacturer in the field of metalworking and mold making. With a focus on precision and quality, WM Press offers tailor-made solutions for various industrial applications and needs.

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