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Get the most out of your machinery, production and staff


Our long experience in sheet metal forming is something we are happy to share and can offer expertise in

  • Press optimization

  • Production optimization

  • Automation


Optimum tool change for presses

The course gives the participants a first insight into how a press works and is handled and is aimed at new employees who will work with presses.

  • How do you optimize the production of a hydraulic or eccentric press?

  • What should be considered when handling?

  • How do you go about making a setup as smooth and safe as possible?

  • Daily and weekly supervision.

Commitment and efficiency for optimal sheet metal pressing

This training is aimed at press operators and production technicians in a sheet metal pressing company.


Customized training courses

We also adapt training courses to the customer's wishes and needs.

From idea to finished product

In our design and construction offer, we can take full responsibility for the entire process from design to finished product. This includes design, manufacture, documentation with risk analysis and CE marking.

Repair and rebuilding

Extending the life of presses and automation equipment is firmly rooted in AGAB's sustainability promise - "keep the machines running."

Do not hesitate to have a dialogue with us if you have machines that you want to repair or rebuild to fit new production patterns.

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