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Beslag & Metall AB
The Power Company

In the competitive landscape of the automotive industry, efficiency and precision are paramount. Beslag & Metall, a family-owned company based in Ekenässjön, Sweden, has been a testament to this ethos since its inception in 1938. Specializing in the production of components for the automotive sector, Beslag & Metall has consistently delivered top-notch quality while adapting to the evolving demands of the market.

A Partnership in Innovation for Higher Productivity

At the heart of Beslag & Metall's success lies a strategic partnership with AGAB Pressautomation. AGAB, a leading provider of press automation  equipment for optimizing sheet metal processing, has been instrumental in empowering Beslag & Metall to achieve new heights of productivity and efficiency.

Anders Gleerup, CEO and Sales Manager at AGAB Pressautomation, reflects on the partnership: "Working with Beslag & Metall has been truly inspiring. Their commitment to innovation and excellence aligns perfectly with our own values at AGAB. Together, we have been able to implement cutting-edge solutions that streamline production processes and drive cost savings."

For Beslag & Metall, the collaboration with AGAB has been transformative. Marcus Björnsson, visionary leader of Beslag & Metall, shares his perspective: "AGAB's expertise in tool changing and coil handling has revolutionized our operations. By minimizing downtime during setup changes, we have maximized the efficiency of our investments in machinery. This partnership has not only enhanced our production capabilities but has also strengthened our position as a market leader in the automotive industry."

Mobile die cart WG MOBILE M16

AGAB Mobile Die Cart M16

Coil cart for 20 tonnes coils

One of the key success stories of this collaboration has been the integration of AGAB's tool changing equipment into Beslag & Metall's production line. This innovation has significantly reduced setup times, allowing Beslag & Metall to meet the increasing demand for shorter production runs with ease.

Moreover, AGAB's commitment to sustainability resonates deeply with Beslag & Metall's values. By prioritizing energy-efficient solutions and optimizing resource usage, the partnership has enabled both companies to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Looking ahead, the future of the partnership between AGAB Pressautomation and Beslag & Metall is filled with promise. Together, they continue to explore new avenues of innovation, leveraging automation and advanced technologies to drive even greater efficiencies and cost savings for their customers in the automotive industry.

AGAB WG coil cart CT20

In conclusion, the success story of AGAB Pressautomation and Beslag & Metall is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and shared values. By working together, these two companies have not only transformed their own operations but have also set a benchmark for excellence in the automotive manufacturing sector.

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